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Bass Fishing Jigs Are the Secret to Bigger Bass


Tom Turner


If big bass are what you desire there is one bass fishing lure that can put
the big ones in the boat. Bass fishing jigs are one of the best bass lures for
catching those big bass. This article will discuss some of the techniques and
colors to choose for the perfect catch.

To Trailer or Not To Trailer

Before we decide whether or not to put a trailer on the bass fishing jig it
might be appropriate to discuss the purpose of the trailer. Bass trailer give
your jig two advantages. One advantage to a jig trailer is to give your jig more
body and life. Bass are a fish that likes to attack unsuspecting prey. The
trailer will make the jig appear more life like. The trailer will give the jig a
look like a crawfish. The legs on the trailer will appear like the claws of the
crawfish. This is one of the favorite foods for bass.

What Shape Is Your Head?

The shape of a bass jig head is very important. There are several shapes
available in bass fishing jigs. You will find football jigs, pointed nose head
jigs, and the list goes on. The shape is argued by many, but it really comes
down to a personal choice. Most choose a football shaped head and this style
will sit up nicely on the bottom bringing the trailer to life and looking as if
it trying to defend itself. This action will often evoke a strike by the

The Weed Guard

There are bass jigs that have a weed guard and bass jigs that come without.
The most common jigs usually have a weed guard. The key to using a bass fishing
jig with a weed guard is to trim it back just a bit. The purpose for this is to
make sure that the bass will hook itself properly when it bites down on the jig.
Many a fisherman has lost big bass.


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