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Bass Fishing after Dark and in the Rain



When it gets too hot and too crowded on the water consider bass fishing in more agreeable climes and times; specifically, after dark or in a gentle rain. Lakes and streams often come alive when the sun goes down or hides behind the clouds. The fish are livelier and less likely to be spooked by human traffic. In fact, many anglers who visit dark and/or rainy waters as a change of pace, find that these times can produce some of their most productive and enjoyable bass fishing.

Before going any further though remember that safety is always first and foremost so find a buddy to take with you and as with any bass fishing trip let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back. Never, never fish when there is lightening any place in the sky or if you hear thunder. If lightening begins to strike unexpectedly leave the water immediately. Also, make sure all the running lights on your boat are fully functional.

Now where are you going to go? Night fishing and rain fishing spots are mostly the same spots you visit during hot daylight hours; now theyíre just dark and/or wet. Bright moonlight and shallow water are a good combination for night fishing. Many bass fishermen have lots of success at night off of well lit docks. As for lures, jitterbugs are good and the old faithful worm. Rattles and scents also get a lot of hits.

What are some of the benefits to alternative fishing hours other than the obvious cool waters without a huge infestation of anglers? Well for one thing, the dark and, particularly, the splash of light rain make it more difficult for the fish to figure out itís the prey. Also, rain oxygenates the water, making the whole lake bed more energetic. At night insects and other natural bass prey pop in and out of the water in ways they donít during the heat of the day. Rain storms also have this effect; in fact, rain can make the water come alive with bugs pushed in by the storm. Needless to say all the food in the water gets a heads up from the bass in the area. If you choose the right lure and are patient and quiet, those hungry bass wonít be able to tell your worm from the real thing.

Perhaps the biggest and most unforeseen advantage of bass fishing at night or in the rain, however, is the change of perspective. Most anglers would agree they were fishermen for life the first time they felt that bass hit their lines. Still, the unexpected pull of a line in the dark still of night, the splash of rain drops on the waterís surface can renew the sense of excitement and wonder that captured many fishers in the first place. So, if you are an angler looking for a different way to land a bass, you might do well to think of the times many others would never venture out for bass fishing.



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