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High Water Smallmouth Bass Fishing


Jeremy H


High water smallmouth bass

One of my favorite smallmouth bass fishing waters are the churning currents
of the Susquehanna River. The Susquehanna river boasts some of the best
smallmouth bass fishing in the country, but when the river is on the rise the
smallies run for cover, as well as most anglers. Many will lay down their gear
until water levels return to normal or head to less favorable fishing holes.

If your the type of fisherman that refuses to do any bass fishing without a
boat you might want to find some other smallmouth bass article to read. When
water levels go up on the Susquehanna or many other rivers for that matter
boating is impossible, unless you are some sort of daredevil with a death

At this time smallmouth bass will seek out easier waters, many times hugging
pockets of water near the rivers crest, more times than not they will seek out
tributaries along the river and run up them in search of food and calmer waters.
One tributary and also one of my secret little hot spots is normally a trickle
of water that empties into the river, but when the water levels in the main
river go up, its waters push up into this tributary turning it into a deep
channel the length of about one mile long. For some reason many bass fishermen
overlook areas like this when many times a condition like this will offer up
some A smallmouth bass fishing, not to mention all the other species of fish
that are running up into these calmer waters.What you essentially end up with is
a stretch of rivers worth of smallmouth bass clustered up in a rather small
channel of water ready to be caught!

So the next time your favorite bass fishing river is on the rise, don't run
for cover, break out a map and find some tributaries, drop the bass boat and
start fishing some backed up waters.

A simple but sweet smallmouth bass fishing tip Ive been taking advantage of
for years!


Tight lines all!

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