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New Bass Fishing DVD Bass Attacks


Chris Bowser


Bass Attacks brings you to the table as the fast and furious largemouth bass dines for the camera!

Order the most revealing underwater DVD ever produced featuring largemouth Bass. A spectacular video guaranteed to increase your success on the water, and change forever how you fish for trophy largemouth Bass. Bass Attacks takes you on a remarkable journey into the underwater world of largemouth Bass. Your entire family will be spellbound observing never-before-seen behavior of largemouth Bass. This video covers nesting, feeding, schooling, location, and aggressive feeding habits of the largemouth Bass. With this digital-quality DVD there is much to learn and lots of Bass fishing tips. If you've always wanted to see underwater video footage of how largemouth Bass feed underwater, what they prefer and what fish prefer and ignore about your fishing technique and presentations, make it a point to purchase this video, its not like any other videos out there. Bass Attacks shows how largemouth Bass actually feed, where fish move to when they are not feeding and more. It will show examples of largemouth bass holding in various portions of the lake. Anglers and non-anglers will be amazed at watching how a largemouth bass can inhale a large bluegill. This video address and answers many of the questions and problems anglers and fisherman have asked about bass fishing. Get a fish-eye view on bass fishing for big bass.

Bass, Big Bass and more Bass...

Bass Attacks



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