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Smallmouth Bass Fishing For The Pro And The Novice


John Andersen


As many fishermen agrees to and know, smallmouth bass fishing is one of the
biggest fishing challenges pound for pound. While the much bigger largemouth
bass is relatively easy to reel in, the smallmouth bass is no such easy task to
say the least.

Unlike largemouth bass fishing, smallmouth bass fishing entails careful use
of lures and careful and fierce fighting. Since smallmouth bass jump, dive, and
dance and try to make a run for it, it isn't quite as simple to reel them in
without risk of losing your lure, or they can even cause your line to break.

Also, unlike other species of black bass, smallmouth bass is mostly done in
freshwater lakes and ponds many of which were populated with by fishing
associations for the only purpose of gaining an interest in smallmouth bass

While smallmouth bass are located in North America, fishing associations on
other continents are starting to populate lakes and ponds with this species,
since it is well known for being such an interesting catch. Some of the effects
of these population efforts have lead to declines of other fish that are within
the area or habitat.

While smallmouth bass fishing is done almost exclusively for sport, some
anglers also set out on smallmouth bass fishing expeditions for the purpose of
catching bass to eat. Many anglers and seafood lovers say that smallmouth bass
has a much more refined and delicate flavor than its much bigger counterpart,
the largemouth bass.

But whatever your reason for smallmouth bass fishing are, you wont want to
leave unprepared for this notably tough battle. You will want to equip yourself
with a fish finder to start with, so that you can properly locate lakes and

Secondly, you will want to purchase bait such as grubs, natural color worm
lures, and some jigheads. Smallmouth bass only weigh up to 12 pounds at most,
which means that you wont have to worry about using a heavy duty rod. In fact,
you will want to use something you can move more approiately to merge with the
fish's movements. Hopefully IŽll see you out there. Regards, John


John Andersen is a passionate Bass fisherman who has written several articles
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